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2005-06 Results - March

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Saturday 25th March

Accies 1sts 3 (og, Gareth Jones, Jon Houghton) Old Ignatians 3.

Old Buckwellians 1 Accies 2nds 2 (Lloyd Vanson, Simon Vaughan).

Old Edmontonians 2 Accies 3rds 4 (Phil Stewart, Scott Atkinson, Alex Keast, Chris Groves).

Accies 4ths 1 (Jon Logie) University of Hertfordshire 2.

Accies 5ths 0 Wood Green Old Boys 3.

Accies 6ths 1 (Pat LaViolette) Old Gladstoneians 9.

Saturday 18th March

Old Meadonians 1 Accies 1sts 1 (Rick Hirst).

Old Meadonians 1 Accies 2nds 0.

Accies 3rds 8 (Steve Black 2, Alex Keast, Tony Locke, Chris Groves, Mike Short, Scott Atkinson, Iain Wagstaff) Old Parmiterians 2.

Old Aloysians 3 Accies 4ths 0.

Accies 5ths 1 (Andy Mackay) Mill Hill County Old Boys 3.

Old Woodhouseians 0 (Danny McConnell) Accies 7ths 2 (Roy Okec, Serge Sollo).

7ths Match Report from Danny McConnell

It's hard to keep coming up with positive team-talks when you lose - "we're better than our results, blah-de-blah", so a change of pre-match tack. Let's point out we've never beaten opposition with more than nine men and fire 'em up (indeed, as Serge fired up his pre-match fag). And bitterest of ironies, Tseyi failing to turn up for kickoff having flown over from some unexplained visit to Amsterdam.

Nevertheless, the Accies responded brightly and with the wind took the game to Old Woods at Firs Farm, and with fifteen minutes gone Roy Okec let loose from 20 yards, and to the utter astonishment of a whole team, the ball flew into the top corner. Woodhouseians were equally surprised.

Ten minutes later, the Accies doubled the lead. The author cannot reliably report what happened, as at the time he was on the phone to Tseyi, who having covered the 50+ miles from Heathrow to the Great Cambridge Roundabout in about an hour, was proceeding to cover the remaining 500 yards in a similar time. Witnesses claim that Serge gathered the ball with his back to goal, brought it down and in one movement turned and blasted it in from 25 yards. As previously mentioned, the author cannot reliably report what happened!

Finally, Tseyi turned up, much to Woodhouseians dismay as they seemed to not have noticed the Accies had ten, and half time came without any addition to the scoring.

The second half proved more difficult, with Woods having the advantage of the wind, but often overplaying the ball. Right back, Pat LaViolette, still on rehab managed to reinvent the "overlapping fullback" concept by regularly overlapping the left winger, and eventually swapped positions with Serge - which given Pat hadn't been since in defence for some time, and Serge wasn't actually reaching midfield any more proved to be a perfect compromise.

In midfield, JD and Tim Collins were gelling perfectly, with their unusual marking system (Tim marks whoever is closest to him, and JD has to run after the other one) and at the back, Alex Heaton and Andy Colthorpe on his 42nd birthday (the author not being the sort of heartless b######d to leave a 40-something on the bench on his birthday) snuffing out chances. The final ten minutes saw a number of Accies breakaways, but Alex Heaton blazed wide from 20 yards) and then Tseyi blazed even wider.

Whilst Woods pressed for the final five minutes, the Accies defence held firm for a deserved three points, and even a clean sheet.

Saturday 11th March

Accies 1sts 2 (Jon Houghton, Gareth Jones) Bealonians 0 (Mark Dawson).

Accies 2nds 4 (Lloyd Vanson 3) Old Buckwellians 0 (Matt Ramsden).

Accies 3rds 2 (Max Lovell 2) Old Tenisonians 0 (Steve Woodrow).

Queen Mary College Old Boys 5 Accies 4ths 1 (Pat Laviolette).

Wood Green Old Boys 1 Accies 5ths 3 (Graham Whitworth 2, Andy Mackay).

Old Parmiterians 3 Accies 6ths 1 (James Liang).


What sort of heartless b######d of a captain has a sub drive 50 miles across London, shiver in the cold on the touchline all game, on his 40th birthday, and despite being 4-0 up doesn't give him a run out. Fortunately, said sub is not bitter, isn't the sort to lay on the guilt and will mention no names to avoid embarrassing said captain! 

1sts Match Report from Jon Houghton

Another big win for the Accies on a good pitch with perfect conditions. A fairly scrappy first half ended goaless with neither side dominating. 

The second half was a different story with the Bealonians defence being left to fend for themselves by the rest of the side. Accies started to commit more players forward and they were rewarded when Gillard's through ball released Houghton who thumped the ball, first time, into the corner of the net. Shortly afterwards another through ball from Gillard released Houghton who squared for Jones to make it 2-0. Bealonians then lost concentration which effectively ended their challenge. A niggly last 20 minutes ensued but Accies ran out deserved winners. A good second half performance from all with another important clean sheet from the nugget and a solid back 3. Same again next week and premiership football is a certainty.

Saturday 4th March

Hale End Athletic 0 (Mark Dawson) Accies 1sts 5 (Gareth Jones 2, og, Neil Gillard, Mike Foster).

Kings Old Boys 4 Accies 2nds 0.

Accies 3rds 1 (Anders Lagerhammar) Southgate County 4.

Accies 4ths 1 (Max Lovell) Old Edmontonians 3.

Mill Hill County Old Boys 5 Accies 5ths 4 (Matt Redman, Jubril Alao, Graham Whitworth, Andy Mackay).

Accies 6ths 9 (Bob Woad 4, Danny Goldman 2, Adam Mammon 2, Tony Naylor) Southgate County 2.

Accies 7ths 0 Old Minchendenians 4.

Saturday 4th March

Hale End Athletic 0 (Mark Dawson) Accies 1sts 5 (Gareth Jones 2, og, Neil Gillard, Mike Foster).

Kings Old Boys 4 Accies 2nds 0.

Accies 3rds 1 (Anders Lagerhammar) Southgate County 4.

Accies 4ths 1 Old Edmontonians 3.

Mill Hill County Old Boys 5 Accies 5ths 4 (Matt Redman, Jubril Alao, Graham Whitworth, Liam Styles).

Accies 6ths 9 (Bob Woad 4, Danny Goldman 2, Adam Mammon 2, Tony Naylor) Southgate County 2.

Accies 7ths 0 Old Minchendenians 4.

1sts Match Report from Jon Houghton (with Statto-Turtle additions)

The sun shone and so did the Accies. In a must win game away to Hale End Jones opened the scoring when Woodrow's long throw was flicked on by Gillard. Jones clever run and glancing header gave the keeper no chance. The midfield dominated from the outset and soon released Jones who played the ball wide to Houghton on the right. His cross was met Beautifully by Foster to make it 2-0. Foster was involved again when his corner was met by another Jones header to make it 3. The defence then got in on the act when Chantler's long, driving free kick was clipped by a defender leaving the keeper helpless. 4-0 half time.

The second half saw Hale end put up more of a fight but they rarely troubled Dawson between the sticks. Gillard almost broke the net from 8 yards to complete the scoring. A very good all round performance with Green's performance in the middle outstanding and a clear MOM.

It may all be too late for the Accies as all-but-guaranteed survival still relies on two more wins (Aloysians and Hale End still have to play each other next week, so if the Accies reach 19 points, both could not overtake us). Indeed, 3 points at home to Bealonians next week would make it interesting - if the Accies could simply match Hale End and Aloysians results against Old Meadonians (the remaining game for all three is Meads, home or away) then safety would also be assured (barring any eight goal massacres).

5ths Match Report from Matt Redman

With nothing meaningful left to play for this season the 5ths used this match as an opportunity to experiment with formation as well as our warm up routine - 20 minutes of keepy uppies in the car park! Instead of 4-4-2 we moved to a 3-5-2 line up (Lee in goal, Ethu, Kid and Bob as the 3 defenders, Liam and myself as wing backs with Penfold and Paul running the centre of midfield leaving Andy to play in the hole feeding Jubril and Graham).

Mill Hill County started the game top of the table and soon showed why. On an uneven pitch and with communication failing the first half did not go well. A well struck goal was soon followed by two well taken penalties given away by Kid (more on the dirtiest player of the season later!!). In the middle of this we lost Lee to injury so on came Phil and into sticks went Ethu. We conceded one more by half time taking the game to 4-0.

The team talk focused on the lack of communication and determination that we'd shown in the first half. This sank in and within the first few minutes of the re-start we had lifted our game and Andy shot home from close range following a great cross by Graham . Penfold and Paul started to dominate the midfield with Andy coming deep to pick up the ball whilst the defence looked solid. This allowed us to knock the ball around and play the football we used to. This flowing football led to or second scored by your truly - not much pace on the ball but enough direction to beat the keeper. 

We kept pressing forward and were more physical than in the first half. This led to one of the oppo having to leave the pitch with a twisted ankle. No surprise who was behind the tackle - Kid!! Jubril and Andy continued to have numerous efforts before we were awarded a free kick on the edge of the area. A beautifully worked free kick between Andy and Graham led to our third and we looked like we could pull the game back. Then a loose ball was picked up by their right winger (yes I should have been marking him) and from 20 yards he lobbed Ethu ta king the game to 5-3. With Kid already making it clear he wanted to hold onto 'Dirtiest player of the season' Graham decided he would make a last ditch effort to get back in to contention. After hurling a tirade of abuse at the referee he was shown a yellow card. With the margin still at 2 goals we weren't finished and great persistence from Jubril paid off with our 4th and final goal. 

A shame to lose but we played some great football in the second half and showed that we can play in a different formation.

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