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2005-06 Results - September

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Saturday 24th September

Accies 1 (Steve Hair) Latymer Old Boys 2.

Parkfield 1 Accies 2nds 2 (Phil Cowley, Lloyd Vanson).

Old Buckwellians 3 Accies 3rds 2 (Michael Short, Scott Atkinson).

Accies 4ths 4 (Paul Bernard 3, Matt Wanford) Old Aloysians 0 (Steve Woodrow).

Mayfield Athletic 3 Accies 5ths 0.

Accies 6ths 1 (Dave Swaby) Bealonians 3.

Accies 7ths 1 (Connor Kinnear) Albanian 3.

1sts Report from Mark McGuigan

The Accies rolled up for their second league game determined to put in a better performance than the previous week. They managed this, but the result was the same.

The first half saw the home side enjoy most of the possession, but create little in the way of chances. A succession of corners and crosses eventually led to Crowther heading what he thought was his first goal in living memory, but the referee, presumably disbelieving that this would ever be possible, disallowed it as not crossing the line. Crowther protested quietly, and then consoled himself with some familiar robust challenges. Rabie, the new mild-mannered centre back, was hamstrung after 20 minutes and replaced by Jenkins, the Welsh wizard moving to sweeper and smiling to himself as he realised how minimal was Woodrow's normal workload. 

No goals at half-time, and a little composure and more pass completion required. The second half unfortunately saw the visitors score first, a thumping header which gave Saxby little chance. The Accies advanced again, pushing hard but still finding it hard to test the visiting keeper. Just as McGuigan was becoming frustrated, Hirst and Hair combined in midfield and the blonder of the northern duo fired home an unstoppable shot from 25 yards. Things looked good, and the home side pressed hard for an equaliser. Sadly the previous weeks disaster was re-enacted, good possession squandered with the team committed, the visitors break quickly, and a fierce shot regained them the lead against the run of play. More huff and puff from the Accies, but the script was written. Two games and no points, but thankfully a nice friendly stroll down at Aloysians to look forward to next week.

2nds Report from Danny Fewkes

The build up to the game had started badly, losing 2nd spot in the table, 3 points and 6 positive goals following Uni of Hertford's departure from Senior 3 North on the Friday, so, on what was possibly one of the worst days in Accies' history for results, [capped by the soul destroying news that the Fox has soared (temporarily of course...) to the top of the Golden Gloves race], the 2s managed some good news with an encouraging and deserved win away against the usual combative and experienced Parkfield outfit. 

The game started quietly, though Accies had the better of the early exchanges and went ahead when Cowley leapt well to head home T Foster's fine set piece delivery on 15 minutes. Given the opposition's general aerial strength they will be disappointed to concede in that manner, but Accies certainly weren't complaining and sharpened up to then produce their best spell of the game, pressing to kill the game off. 

Tim Vaughan and Parsons linked superbly to release Vanson to blaze over, we had the mysterious case of the unpunished rugby tackling goalkeeper and several quality crosses flew agonisingly close to oncoming Accies. In general though it must be noted our shooting lacked a little power and direction to really properly test the keeper, and sadly it must be noted (as I always try for a balanced commentary!) that your correspondent's 'trusty' right foot linked up with Parsons' head and the post in an x-rated double miss incident. Parkfield had by now, had one headed chance slip wide, and as is often the case when pressure is not converted, our concentration slipped and the only real defensive error of the day presented a straightforward one on one chance that was coolly despatched past the exposed Nugget. 

1-1 and no reason to panic at half time, Alvarez was soon introduced and Accies moved back ahead on the hour when Tim Vaughan's fine pass was touched home by Vanson past a wrong footed goalkeeper. Parkfield began to press a little more but the defensive line remained resolute and Accies looked the more likely to add to the scoring without being at their best, Vanson in particular denied by an acrobatic save. A real scare did arrive on 75 mins, courtesy of one of the several free kicks awarded against both sides during the game for minimal contact in a challenge (frustrating the home side in particular). A communication breakdown caused an almighty scramble in Accies six yard box that when cleared ensured justice was done with the final result.

To summarise, a great 3 points from an away fixture that is always a big challenge. The home side admittedly were missing a few players, but Accies will also continue to build over the coming weeks and expect a very tough test next week against Meadonians.

3rds Report from Scott Atkinson

The 3's suffered disappointment in Essex losing 3-2 to Old Bucks. Matches against this side have tended to be close in the last few years but the Accies will feel aggrieved that they didn't come away with at least a point. With only a squad of 11 available it was going to be tough in hot conditions and many players still short of full fitness. At 2.50 only 8 were in the dressing room and the game kicked off with Matti B still changing on the touchline. Not the best preparation and the team started very poorly. Unable to string 2 passes together the Accies defence was on the backfoot throughout the early stages and 50/50 balls were won exclusively by the oppo. After 20 mins things improved going forward and Groves tested the keeper from long range. The oppo continued to look dangerous and took a deserved lead although the forward was given too much time and space to run across the area before beating Super Harry from the edge of the box. Bucks squandered a few more chances and the Accies were lucky to be only one down at the break. 

There was a vast improvement in the second half as Martelli and Waggy began to pick their passes well. An equaliser arrived when a delightful chipped ball found our very own "fox in the box" Short who slipped the ball past the onrushing keeper. Accies now dominated possession but Bucks looked dangerous on the counter. Having worked hard to get back in the game suicide followed as Harry threw the ball to Waggy on the edge of the box without realising a forward lurked nearby. Result- the oppo nicked the ball and rounded Harry to score easily. Again the Accies came back and another great ball was run onto by Atkinson and chested past the keeper before being taken down. The ball continued and hit the post so the ref blew for the peanut. Atkinson gave the job to Short due to tiredness in his old legs and Short stepped up to hit the worst pen in history. The keeper dived before he'd finished his run up but Short still contrived to roll it to him. The ref had spotted encroachment and ordered a retake. A change of taker saw Atkinson dispatch with no fuss. 2-2 and the Accies looked stronger but couldn't manage another goal. Less than ten minutes remained when another bad pass gave a defender difficulties and he was put under pressure by a forward. Harshly, the ref gave a foul to Bucks and the free kick was crashed into the net whistling passed Tinling's belly as he ducked underneath with the ball skimming his shaven crown. The Accies had a good shout for another penalty late on but the handball was ignored by the ref. 

A very disappointing afternoon for all concerned. AFA cup action next week and a very big game where we will need to bounce back.

4ths Report from Jon Logie

You can always tell when a new season is dawning - the grass is green, the sun is shining, and the entire fourth team squad is changed and  ready to play at 2.20pm for a 3pm kick-off. 

Unfortunately, due to a motorway break-down, the Old Aloysian team were not quite so well-prepared and at 3.15pm started the match with only 8 men. Knowing that our advantage would be short lived, the fourths attacked with vigour, only to be repelled by a combination of good defending and a succession of poor final passes. 

By the time Old Aloysians' quota was returned to 11 men, the game was still goalless, but the possession and attacking impetus remained with the Accies. Showing patient build-up play and good movement, a number of good chances were created, with only an unpolished touch in the final third keeping Old Aloysians in the match. The opposition's best moment of the match arrived after half an hour, with their lone striker slipping free from the otherwise vice-like grip of centre-backs Chester and Carl Kemp to shoot wide when through on goal.

The talk at half time was of keeping possession, working the flanks and delivering a composed final ball. Up stepped Matt Wanford to do just this. Working well with Mark Emmerson down the left flank, Wanford delivered a sumptuous pass to the far post where the rampaging, bullish figure of Barndoor bundled the ball home from two metres out. 

The goal gave the game new verve. Aloysians came out attacking, only to be caught out by the long ball over the top, Barndoor this time lobbing the keeper from 25 yards. Barndoor's season got off to the best possible start when he completed his hat-trick 10 minutes later, stealing in from almost a foot out to put the finishing touch onto a goal-bound Tony Locke header, who had climbed above the Aloysians defence to connect to a Dan Willoughby free-kick.

Matt Wanford finished the goal scoring with a sharp finish from a knocked down corner, emphasising the Accies dominance in the air. Walking off at the end of the match, the Aloysians skipper acknowledged that superior fitness was also telling, an advantage that was maximised by excellent possession play by the home side as they ran the opposition ragged. 

So a good start in a new division for the fourths, who move on to Old Edmontonians next week. 

5ths Report from Graham Whitworth

A typically slow start to the season for the 5ths who on paper had what looked like would be one of their more comfortable fixtures for the season, despite their depleted squad.

The first half was dreadful. The Accies looked good going forward, but the continuation from last season's theme of not tracking runners in midfield proved costly as a battling Mayfield side scored 2 breakaway goals when we were attacking deep in their half and another from a corner. This 3-0 lead was clearly a big surprise to the Mayfield players who had their tails up and massively boosted the morale of a side that was close to relegation last season.

In the second half, the Accies put in a much more determined and disciplined performance. We dominated proceedings and put Mayfield under a lot of pressure. Lady luck was not on our side as we hit the bar and had 2 headers from corners cleared off the line. Early season rustiness was evident in our shooting as on the positive side, we managed to get a considerable amount of shots away, but on the negative side, none of them ever really tested the keeper, only really the branches of the tree above the goal. Had they been rugby posts rather than football ones, we'd probably have reached double figures. The most pleasing aspect about the performance was the attitude, the Accies never gave up, still pushing for goals deep into time added on.

Hopefully, this result was just an early blip in a season where we expect to go one step further than last when we just missed out on promotion in the last game of the season.

Saturday 17th September

Accies 1sts 1 (Innis Pirrie) Hale End Athletic 2.

University of Hertfordshire 1 Accies 2nds 7 (Lloyd Vanson 3, Adam Parsons 2, Gareth Jenkins, Terry Foster).

Accies 3rds 3 (Michael Short 2, Scott Atkinson) Old Woodhouseians 2.

"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day that sheds his blood with me, Shall be my brother;" - Henry V to the English Army before Agincourt - 25th October 1415.

"England Expects That Every Man Will Do His Duty" - Lord Nelson's signal to the Royal Navy before Trafalgar - 21st October 1805.

"We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender" - Winston Churchill during the retreat from Dunkerque - 4th June 1940.

"Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that, if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will say, 'This was their finest hour.'" - Winston Churchill following the fall of France - 18th June 1940.

"Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few" - Winston Churchill during the Battle of Britain - 21st August 1940.

"We would like you to play for us if that is okay. All other avenues have been exhausted. Thanks" - Phil Stewart, Accies 3rd team skipper, calling up veteran 5th team  goalkeeper, 8pm the night before the start of the new season.

The Accies are back.......

2nds Report from Danny Fewkes

Ed's note: this game was played as a league game, and subsequently was "expunged". However, the club committee made a democratic decision that the game, as it was "played as competitive" should stand for the golden goals. McGuigan wanted to boost confidence of the strike-power, Fewksey claimed some spurious precedence (see Primary School Football in all probability) and no-one could face the prospect of Lloydy bursting into tears.........

Scott Atkinson was not consulted, but is understood to be considering taking the case to the Court of Arbitration in Sport in Lausanne.

A welcome back to all our readers, it has been a long and eventful summer but more of that in future reports.

The Accies top sides are traditionally slow starters, particularly demonstrated in last year's campaigns (that overall could be considered very successful), so the 2s were a little fortunate to stumble upon a below par University of Hertford on a hot day and fine playing surface in Hatfield.

Firstly, I'd like to thank the Australian High Commissioner for his generous words regarding the emigration of Ian Roberts. It's a deal that suits both countries, we receive the Ashes, they a clown, and the average IQ and legal standards of both countries is increased. What this does mean for the 2s this season is; a) the reports have no natural focus of attention, and b) on footballing matters we no longer have the option of whacking the ball up long to the big man (unless rumours are true that the combative Dobson may soon reappear). 

a) will be resolved this week by noting in the absence of Nugget up with 1s, the Turtle was champing at the bit (or whatever the reptilian equivalent is) for promotion, so the finest legal minds we could muster, and Walker, were put on the case. An obscure 2003 by-law banning Animal goalkeepers playing Senior football in September within the 2 miles of the A1(M) was found, and therefore it was Harry Ramsden, not the aforementioned Turtle who received the call up.

So to the game; Herts started reasonably well (giving no evidence of the final scoreline) applying pressure without seriously threatening, and Accies passing game took time to take shape. A few quick breaks were thwarted before Hertford pressed self destruct with a bad defensive error presenting Parsons with an opportunity he lashed home on 25 minutes. Vanson was looking sharp and finished well when slid through the channel (32), as did Foster (T) (37), his partner in a new look strike force that gelled encouragingly. The game was effectively sealed by Jenkins precise left foot strike just before half time. 

Accies took in the half time message, then sweated it out very quickly to deny Harry his clean sheet as Hertford netted a consolation within moments of the restart, and missed their only real other gilt edged opportunity soon after. Accies regrouped and regained their focus, and were rewarded a 5th goal on the hour as Parsons doubled his tally from close range after great work on the right flank by Nat Keast. Alvarez and Shrimpton had already been introduced, but it was left to Vanson to demonstrate Accies superiority with a lovely chipped finish for the 6th, and a composed strike for his hat-trick when put through by Alvarez.

A good overall performance with some very nice patches of football, the right attitude and work effort, capped by some particularly good goals. Of course there will be sterner tests ahead, so we'll end this week with a more sobering note that all should continue to work on their fitness, refuel properly with cider or lager (not cocktails) and be aware competition for places is expected to increase when the traditional early season teething availability problems start to ease.

3rds Report from Scott Atkinson

The 3's kicked off another campaign having to cope with the loss of the previous years players' player for the second season in a row - Good luck to Ed at his new club. Des and Chris were also unavailable this term and there were the usual early season absentees. Nevertheless a strong squad was assembled and the match v old Woods (relegated from the 2's divsion) started at quite a pace. The long grass at Shenley caused problems with weight of pass and the Accies conceded a lot of possession needlessly in the early stages and were harried in midfield by some very nippy players. The first clear cut chance fell to Atkinson who miscued a half volley after good work from Groves(back in a stable relationship) when he should have scored. Woods stole the lead when Waggy misplaced a square ball and the oppo forward raced through and squared for a colleague to beat Turtle close in.

The lead didn't last long as the Accies got into their stride and a fine move resulted in skipper stewart laying it on a plate for Short ,back from his world shagathon, to clinically beat the oppo keeper. The 3 's then got their noses in front after Groves squealed like a girl on the edge of the box and won a free kick. Up stepped Atkinson and after the 6'7" keeper lined up the wall and crouched down behind it, it was a none too difficult task to refrain from the kind of banana swerve efforts he is capable of and pass into the corner.

The defence got stronger as the game went on with Si Tinling immense and new boy Phil Cowley looking solid. Stewart swapped Murden for Jones in the second half and the Accies continued to dominate with Matti B reverting to left back and looking more comfortable. Several chances came and went before a through ball from Atkinson found another silver plate and Short gobbled up the opportunity. Lagerhammer replaced the skipper and showed he had learned from his flatmate when his first run ended in him falling over. 

Failing to score a fourth gave the 3's a scare in the last 10 mins as a poor goal reduced the deficit to one. However, good discipline from Waggy and Blackie helped snuff out any real danger and saw the Accies run out deserved winners. A good 3 points. Well done to Danny for helping out and playing a fine game in the sticks.

Post match banter centred on Mike's never give up attitude off the pitch. Matters then moved to general wondering of Christer's current state of frustration given the no nookie sign was probably put on the door several weeks ago and will last some time after the forthcoming birth of his second child. The women of Kings Langley are no doubt praying his move to Surrey concludes soon so they can walk the streets safely again. Players also started to wonder how super Harry got on with 2's and as news of a heavy victory filtered through it can be confirmed that the Uni of Herts consolation received no cries of laughter whatsoever.

Preseason - Greenland Trophy

Old Meadonians 3 Accies 1sts 0.

Accies 1sts 2 (Lloyd Vanson, Jon Houghton) West Wickham 2.

Old Etonians 1 Accies 1sts 0.

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