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2006-07 Results - February

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Saturday 24th February

Old Hamptonians 0 (Mark Dawson) Accies 1sts 1 (Innis Pirrie).

Old Manorians vs Accies 2nds postponed.

Old Parmiterians 5 Accies 3rds 0.

Accies 4ths 2 (Graham Whitworth, Andy Burt) Bealonians 0 (Chris Harrington).

Old Minchendenians vs Accies 5ths postponed.

Mayfield Athletic 2 Accies 6ths 1 (Ryan Harbi).

1sts Match Report from Danny Fewkes

With Old Meadonians rained off, Old Hamptonians had the opportunity to take a lead at the top of the Premier Division, but came unstuck at home to struggling UCL Academicals. Accies scored the only goal of the game after twenty minutes, as Andy Crotty crossed from the right, and the ball broke to Innis Pirrie who fired home from close to the penalty spot. Hamptonians had their share of possession, but Dan Chantler marshalled the Accies defence to keep the home team out. Into the second half, and with twenty minutes to go Lloyd Vanson missed the chance to extend the lead. Hamptonians pressured and looked likely to score, but Matt Harrison had their best chance when he broke through one-on-one but was foiled by Mark Dawson in the Accies goal to preserve the 1-0 win and give Accies three crucial points to move them out of the relegation spots.

Saturday 17th February

Accies 1sts 1 (Innis Pirrie) Nottsborough 3.

Hale End Athletic 0 (Matt Ramsden) Accies 2nds 3 (Paul Bernard, Lysander Bryant, Gareth Jenkins).

Old Parmiterians vs Accies 3rds postponed.

Accies 5ths 1 (Paul Armstrong) Ravenscroft Old Boys 4.

Ravenscroft Old Boys 1 Accies 6ths 3 (Tom Barlow, Ryan Harbi, Jonathan Day).

1sts Report from Steve Hair

Accies went out of the AFA cup at the quarter final stage with a 3-1 defeat at the hands of favourites Nottsborough. Accies started slowly, as if fazed by the occasion and the reputation of their opponents and went behind to a soft goal after only 5 minutes. Too much space was given on the Accies’ right side and marking was non-existent in the box as the Notts centre-forward headed home. The Accies were stirred into life by this early set back and proceeded to up the tempo and take the game to Nottsborough and equalised shortly thereafter, when Pirrie volleyed an absolute screamer into the top corner from 30 yards – the Notts keeper not even moving. Accies continued to press, with Vanson hitting the side netting after being released by Hair. Notts had chances of their own however, a free kick being flicked on just passed the upright. 

Half time came and 1-1 was a fair reflection of the way the half had gone. The second half started with Accies on top for the first 10 mins or so, but gradually Notts superior and more confident passing began to take its toll. The centre forward grabbed his second of the game from a wicked deflection which took the ball away from Dawson – harsh on the back three of Chantler, Pirrie and Shrimpton who had performed magnificently throughout the game. Accies continued to try hard with some nice triangles in midfield – Gillard in particular playing well and managed a little impetus with the introduction upfront of Carabine from the bench. The game was effectively over soon afterwards though, when the Notts sub sprung the offside trap, rounded Dawson and finished adroitly. The Accies had run out of steam by this stage – victims of their inability to hold onto the ball as well as their opponents, though they did manage one final attack when Hair brought a save from the keeper having been slid through by Carabine, with McElwee just failing to slot the rebound. A good effort by the Accies for 65 mins until the legs went. Again, a bit more fitness and a bit more confidence needed in the game ahead, but if we play like we did in the first 65 minutes of this match for the rest of the season, relegation will be comfortably avoided. MOM Pirrie, just shading it from Chantler by reason of the goal. 

6ths Report from Jason Ingel

The mighty 6ths arrived at the Ravenscroft ground, very much up for a match, having been handed a bye the previous week.  It was difficult to determine what the major contributing factor to the pre-match eagerness was; 2 weeks off, Alex’s truly lamentable midweek quotation, or the fact that the oppo were beaten 4-0 by us last time around?  None of the above I’m afraid.  We were all champing at the bit to ‘chat with’ Marcus following the Xmas revelations of his previously unheralded alter ego -“Dirty Whitmore”.  As we congregated in the car park breathing in the clear fresh cigarette smoke from Serge and Ryan “9cm” Harbi – we all waited expectantly for the kit to show up.  15 minutes later Danny mentioned in passing that he had it in his boot…..clearly he likes standing around in parking lots.

The usual pre-match routine of JD telling us not to concede goals and to behave ourselves appropriately (said while staring intently at Adey, and perhaps the author), took place – and off we went.

“The pitch” as it will be called for want of a more appropriate description, was what you’d expect The Somme to have looked post-battle.  We’ve become accustomed to being handed the worst of the worst, but this quagmire of a minefield took the cake.

We all had cold-shivers down our spines as JD asked Whitmore to “keep warm” as our only sub, and then to our absolute disbelief, he won the first coin toss of the year

(perhaps Whitmore’s expertise in this area ‘rubbed off’ on him?).

It was soon obvious that football would not be the winner, as two lower-league sides tried to come to terms with the playing surface – and I cannot remember if more than 2 passes were completed in succession within the first 45 minutes.  It was horrible to play in, and no-doubt horrible to watch for our largest crowd (5 + 2 infants who could not break away) of the season.  Only notable mention of a dire half was Danny Mac’s superb reaction save late-on.

At half time Captain Marmite, Alex and Danny impressed upon us the fact that we were the better side and that if we carried on working for one another the rewards would come.  For once the side listened.  Jimmy No Goals, 9cms and Dan took hold of the centre of midfield.  We could, and should have had the lead when Marmite hit a perfect free-kick (as he mentioned 11 times afterwards) through their middle, only for the chance to be missed (wasted?) by Jason as the ball went out of the post.

DW was impressive on the left hand side once he came on, and all of a sudden long balls were finding Tom who had the beating of their defence every time.  Eventually our efforts paid off as Tom finished off a great run and dribble with a deft finish.  “Roy who” we asked ourselves, as his goal was quite Okec like in its composure.

We were soon 2-0 up as the ref blew for a goal that might or might not have crossed the line, after a great lob by 9cm’s.  To say they were not best pleased with this decision would be a bit like saying Jose Mourinho is a bit of a prat.  They completely lost their collective rag and in the opinion of the author were very fortunate not to have men sent off.  This was particularly unfortunate as the referee was possibly the best we’ve had the entire season – with or without the contentious decision in our favour. It was definitely not ‘that sort of game’ as their behaviour towards us was generally excellent throughout.

Once they started playing they got one back quite quickly, however they then found Danny Mac in the form of his life as he made another 3 significant saves to keep them at bay. On one occasion lifeguards were called to remove him from the bog on his goal line , but he emerged muddy, dazed and with the ball in hand.

With 3 minutes to go the highly impressive Waz, won the ball at right midfield (Serge anyone??) with yet another solid tackle and launched forward aware that we had caught them on the break.  Just as he was about to hit one of his patented right foot exocet top corner specials, he was **Marmited.  Fortunately the greedy CM hit a superb shot on the rise from about 30 yards for what turned out to be an unstoppable and truly superb  final goal.  A well deserved and hard-won 3-1 victory afforded us our first ‘double’ of the season.

** To be Marmited:  When Captain Marmite demands you hand over the ball for him to take a penalty or shot at goal.

** It should be noted that the self-same CM was spoken to by the ref for dissent!

Saturday 10th February

Accies 1sts vs Nottsborough postponed.

Accies 2nds vs Brent postponed.

Old Tollingtonians vs Accies 3rds postponed.

Accies 4ths vs Southgate County postponed.

Old Minchendenians vs Accies 5ths postponed.

Mayfield Athletic vs Accies 6ths postponed.

Club Report from Danny McConnell

It snowed, then it rained, and no-one played football. The lucky ones drank and watched the rugby, the unlucky ones went shopping.

Saturday 3rd February

Accies 1sts 2 (Lloyd Vanson, Neil Gillard) Old Parmiterians 3.

HAC 2 Accies 2nds 1 (Gareth Jenkins).

Accies 3rds 6 (Mike Short, Scott Atkinson, Dave Wilkinson, Jon Logie, Stu Bannister, og) Wood Green Old Boys 0 (Oli Neal).

Old Buckwellians 1 Accies 4ths 3 (Andy Mackay 3).

Queen Mary College Old Boys 10 Accies 5ths 2 (Tom Lovell, Andy Williams).

1sts Report from Steve Hair

Accies went out of the LOB cup at the quarter final stage in disappointing manner, suffering a 3-2 defeat to Old Parmitarians at Shenley. 

On a perfect day for football, the Accies started brightly enough, but seemed quiet and listless throughout. There were lots of attacks from Accies, providing a microcosm of the season so far – the team showing decent build up play, but lacking the composure with either the final ball or shot at goal. Parmitarians gradually came more into the game and Dawson was forced into a fine double save after the number 10 had sprung the offside trap. 

At half time, 0-0 was probably a fair reflection of the game but Parmitarians upped the tempo in the second half, as Accies sunk further into their shells. Hair should have scored when put through by Vanson, but shot straight at the keeper and Dawson pulled off a fantastic save high to his right from a long range shot. 

Full time came without any score, but with Accies dead on their legs for the most part – Hirst, Vaughan and Jones all succumbing to injury or fatigue. Parmitarians took full advantage of tired Accies legs and scored soon after the start of extra time – Accies giving the ball away carelessly in their own third (not for the first time) and worked the ball into the box and across goal for a simple tap in by Parmitarians number 7. The game was effectively over shortly after, when the linesman failed to give a blatant offside, with Number 10 capping a hard running display with another simple finish from the 6 yard box.

After the break in extra time, Accies piled forward in the vain hope of a consolation, but were picked off on the break for 3-0. With 5 minutes remaining, Vanson converted a penalty after he had been brought down and the Accies sensed a chance to send the game into penalties when Vanson latched onto Hair’s through ball and slid in Gillard for a simple finish. Cue mayhem in the Parmitarians box for the final couple of minutes, but it wasn’t to be. The Accies have played well at times this season and lost – Saturday wasn’t one of those times. Parmitarians deserved their win and we wish them luck in the semi-final. For the Accies, a reminder that we will get nowhere this season without effort and without getting fitter. Accies MOM Dawson for a couple of outstanding saves. Honorary mentions for Gillard, for some tireless running and Cordell for a bright debut on the left, before tiredness set in. 

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