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2006-07 Results - October

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Saturday 28th October

Accies 1sts 2 (Gareth Jones, Lloyd Vanson) Parkfield 3.

Accies 2nds 5 (Paul Bernard 2, Max Lovell, Alex Keast, og) Hale End Athletic 0 (Matt Ramsden).

Accies 3rds 3 (Mike Short 2, Ralph Bankes) Centymca 0 (Gio Martelli).

Old Aloysians 5 Accies 4ths 1 (Graham Whitworth).

Old Parmiterians 1 Accies 5ths 0.

Accies 6ths 2 (Marcus Whitmore, Ryan Harbi) Mayfield Athletic 4.

1sts Report from Dan Chantler

After summer upheavals Parkfield travelled to UCL Academicals more in hope than expectation, and in a hard fought game sneaked the points.

Academicals played against the wind first half and took an early lead through Gareth Jones, dominating the game, but failed to convert further chances to extend the lead. In the tenth minute Nick Crowther and Lee Reynolds from Parkfield contested a ball leaving Crowther seriously injured and a ten minute delay awaiting an ambulance. After the stoppage Parkfield came out the stronger, and equalised before halftime with a ball over the top and Tim Nye ran through to finish the chance. Before half time Parkfield broke through again and Reynolds fired a shot across Innis Pirrie who saved well, but had the ball headed out of his grasp (legally, by himself!) as he hit the ground and Adam Blades followed up to slot home the free ball.

At the start of the second half Parkfield extended their lead, an innocuous pass back to Pirrie being dummied by the keeper, selling himself but not the oncoming striker, and Nye slotted to make the scoreline 3-1. Accies continued to press, hitting the crossbar twice, and on 75 minutes a ball was played into the box and Neil Gillard was brought down for the penalty, which Lloyd Vanson converted. In the last ten minutes Accies continued to create chances but Parkfield held out for the points.

2nds Report from Squire Walker

After a truly dreadful performance the previous week which lacked a moral backbone (the one highlight being the skippers’ glorious strike) a major improvement was needed to kick-start the season. Thankfully it was delivered. It is often said in the press that teams look like they are about to produce a great performance with lots of goals. This simply could not be said of the 2s and to be honest such a cohesive, whole-hearted performance was a very pleasant surprise because we have been more Sheffield Utd than Arsenal thus far. Thankfully, the squad was boosted by the return of Alvarez, Fewkes and Bernard and the line-up looked stronger than previous weeks but it was the attitude and approach which made all the difference. Lovell the self-styled “Ladies Man” took his turn on the bench alongside the skipper. 

Things started well with Crotty and Vaughan dictating play well from midfield. However it soon became clear that a new formation suggested by Uncle Fewkes was working. A lot of crap is talked about formations but in this case people seemed happy and worked well with their allotted roles. Bernard provided a master class (he is a teacher after all) in how to lead the line. If only the lumbering tool that was Ian Roberts could have seen it. Intelligent runs, good simple passing bringing in advanced midfielders added to a physical threat and 2 good goals. No daft long shots, crappy flicks or backheels throwing away hard-won possession. Roberts (or Clunesy as your new mates seem to call you): if you read this think long and hard. One “assault” on the centre back in the second half was the only negative in the centre forward’s performance. I always though you were supposed to attack the ball not the man. Paul got this the wrong way round. Despite this the opposition played well in the first half and could easily have been in front at the break. Our defensive markers need to make sure they pick up their man early and then do the job for the whole game. At several times strikers were lost and unmarked. To be fair this will improve the more often people play together and the second half was a different story. Tinling in particular excelled. Alex Keast playing in midfield scored a good first and there could have been a second when Nat Keast (yes the very same) produced an excellent volleyed cross (it is true) which Bernard attacked well and could easily have slotted. It is always worrying when one side has most of the play and doesn’t score a second so it was a great relief when Bernard slotted the vital second early in the second half following some good route one stuff. It doesn’t need to be pretty. This is a useful maxim and one that our ageing third team leader Foxy has always strictly adhered to. 

Goals followed with an OG (caused by Crotty’s quality free kick delivery), Bernard’s second and Lovell who did very well on replacing Alvarez. The Chilean Jocko had completely run out of juice by the hour mark. In fact he was like the bunny powered by the “inferior” brand of battery that falls over halfway through the race in the Duracell adverts of old. Mojo: please note romantic activities are best undertaken in the week or on Sunday not the morning of a major game. Man of the match was Fewkes who rolled back the years and ran miles. He kept on keeping on as always but this time produced a display of total quality passing and crossing. He generally did the right thing at all times apart from a rather pathetic free kick for which he apologised profusely and no doubt atoned for privately that night with a touch of self-flagellation. As always commitment was total. In fact it was of a level that made it slightly “uncool” to some. Danny: please work on your nonchalance. Mention should also be made of Field who played another solid game although in the first half he put one in mind of King Canute as several balls sailed over the heads of the defence which was in the opinion of some seasoned observers too far advanced. 

This was a job well done. However, it is vital that this improvement is maintained in next week’s game and another result secured. To be brutally honest this team is not good enough to give less than 100% and still win. Hard work and the right attitude are going to be the keys this year.

Saturday 21st October

Accies 1sts 5 (Gareth Jones 3, Lloyd Vanson, Dave Jenkin) Old Salvatorians 0 (Mark Dawson).

Accies 2nds 1 Old Meadonians 4.

Old Ignatians 2 Accies 3rds 1 (Chris Wall).

Crouch End Vampires 2 Accies 4ths 1 (Alex Nekrasov).

Accies 6ths 1 (Jon Day) Old Ignatians 5.

1sts Report from Steve Hair

Accies progressed to the next round of the AFA cup with a convincing win over Old Salvatorians at Shenley, scoring 5 goals out of the top drawer in the process. 

In truth, the first half was a fairly even affair. The Accies worked hard going up the slope and into the wind and Salvatorians got themselves into some decent positions with some tidy touches and penetrative play in the midfield, without ever really threatening Dawson in between the sticks. The Accies went into half time 2-0 up thanks to 2 moments of top quality. First, Jones finished off a fine team move with a firm volley, then produced a sublime back flick perfectly into the path of Vanson’s astute run and Vanson finished low into the bottom corner. The only sour note of the half (and indeed the game which was played in good spirit) was the reaction of the Salvatorians centre half, who reacted to a poor challenge from Jones and was lucky not to be sent off. 

The Accies played with the wind in the second half and completely dominated play, though only after Salvatorians had missed their 2 clearest chances of the game within 5 minutes of the restart – one chance bringing a good save from Dawson, the other being missed wide of goal. With the advantage of the wind, the Accies took control in midfield, allowing Jenkin and Carabine to push forward on the flanks. The real penetration however, was coming from Jones and Vanson, who Salvatorians could not contain throughout the game. Jones made it three with another good finish, before Jenkin showed one of the strong runs which are becoming his trademark and finished low into the bottom corner. Only some good goalkeeping and wayward finishing kept the Accies from running riot. Jones completed the scoring (and as fine a hat-trick as you could wish to see) with a devastating strike from the edge of the box after the Accies had again stretched the Salvatorian defence. A special mention too for Houghton’s first touch in Accies football for over 6 months, a smart volley which brought a good save from the keeper. All in all, a decent display from the Accies, putting the defeat of last week behind them. Jones a thoroughly deserving MOM.

Sunday 15th October

Old Minchendenians 3 Accies Veterans 4 (Rob Atkinson 2, Mike Bailey, Simon Harris).

Saturday 14th October

Old Meadonians 5 Accies 1sts 0.

Old Thorntonians 2 Accies 2nds 0.

Accies 3rds 3 (Scott Atkinson, Gio Martelli, Matt Wanford) Old Tollingtonians 1.

Accies 4ths 3 (Andy Mackay 2, Gary Sangedal) Old Ignatians 2.

Leyton County Old Boys 2 Accies 5ths 2 (Tom Porter, James Liang).

Accies 6ths 3 (Marcus Whitmore, Roy Okec, Dan Bennett) Old Suttonians 7.

1sts Report from Steve Hair

A bad day at the office as the Accies suffered a heavy defeat away at Old Meadonians. Whilst the scoreline somewhat flattered the home team, the Accies were well below their best and did not do enough to take anything from the game. 

It all started so differently, with the Accies having the better of the opening 35 minutes. The Accies carried on their good passing from recent weeks, causing Meadonians problems at the back – and Jenkin and Vanson both brought smart saves from the Meadonians keeper. However, late into the first half, Meadonians took advantage of Crowther’s absence from the field to score from a free kick and disaster struck a minute later as the Meadonians striker out sprinted the defence and rounded Dawson smartly to make the score 2-0. 

A mad 5 minutes from the Accies, with 2 sloppy goals conceded, left the team with a mountain to climb in the second half. The challenge proved to be beyond the team, with the second half being the poorest we have played all season. As Accies wilted physically, so did our passing, and Meads grew stronger and started playing with more confidence. Another 2 goals in 5 minutes spell signalled the end of any meaningful contest and another soft goal conceded in the last minute when the Meadonians skipper was allowed to run all the way from the half way line, condemned the Accies to a heavy defeat.

A day to forget really, but chance to make amends next week in the AFA cup. Accies MOM goes to Topping for his tireless running, even when all hope was lost.

Accies Vets scored a stunning away victory in the Veterans Cup. Goals by Mike Bailey (screamer from 25 yards), two headers from forward Rob Atkinson and a cheeky one-two off the cross bar by Simon Harris were enough to sink Old Minchendenians, who staged a late comeback from 4-1 down to bring the score to a respectable 4-3. With the back four of Price, Kemp, Ballantyne and late selection Ford (replaced just after half time by Cracknell), in front of Accies stalwart Clothier in fine form and fine voice, and behind a revolutionary 3 man midfield of Bailey, Emmerson and Harris (sounding remarkably like a firm of solicitors) and a 3 man attack of Nolle, Atkinson and Goldman, the Accies bossed the game and had enough chances to have hit double figures. As it was, they they settled for the four goals and the Cup run goes on.

Saturday 7th October

Albanian 3 Accies 1sts 5 (Neil Gillard 2, Jamie Topping, Lloyd Vanson, Dave Jenkin).

Accies 3rds 2 (Scott Atkinson, Paul Bernard) Egbertian 4.

Accies 4ths 2 (Paul Armstrong, Alex Nekrasov) Hale End Athletic 0 (Oli Neal).

Accies 5ths 9 (Bob Woad 3, James Liang 2, Sameer Patel, Simon Moss, Joe Quashie) Old Minchendenians 0 (Bob Woad).

Accies 6ths 1 (Tseyi Hammond) Mill Hill County Old Boys 5.

HAC 5 Accies Veterans 1 (Mike Burke)

1sts Report from Steve Hair

Accies showed the benefit of having 14 fit players for the first time this season, with Jenkin and Crotty coming off the bench to contribute heavily in a 5-3 win away to Albanian. Both sides played some good football on a terrible pitch, with the game flowing from end to end until the last 20 mins or so, when the Accies’ stronger running and more penetrative passing finally told. 

The Accies got off to a great start, with Gillard firing in a volley within 2 minutes of the start. However, Albanian started edging into the game, using the benefit of the slope in the first half, and having drawn level with an excellent volleyed finish when a wayward strike fell to the centre forward, took the lead when Dawson was unlucky to see his fine save fall to an Albanian player to slot home. An Accies reshuffle soon followed, with Crowther slipping back into defence to replace the injured Pirrie and Crotty coming in on the right. For the 3rd game running, the Accies had failed to reach half time without avoiding making 2 substitutions. However, a minute before half time came the game turning moment – a fine Accies move being finished by Jenkin – a perfect confidence boost given the disadvantages of the slope and injuries which the Accies had to endure in the first half. 

Hirst had a penalty well saved by the Albanian keeper after Topping had been brought down and it looked as if the Accies would be made to pay, when Albanian once more took the lead. However, by now the Accies were on top in the game. Vaughan was showing some great touches, composure and vision and was picking out the willing runners Crotty, Jenkin, Topping and Vanson, which Albanian could not cope with. From one such touch, Jenkin burst into the box and was brought down, the referee signalling another penalty. The Albanian protests seemed a little churlish, given the defender was the last man and should therefore technically have been sent off. Vanson buried the penalty in the corner. From then on there seemed only one winner and, after Vanson had struck the crossbar from long range, Topping and Gillard pulled Accies clear following excellent Accies moves down the flanks. 

A good win, where everyone contributed well. It was good to see Crowther showing his 2004-2005 season form and the Lemon returning to his former goalscoring prowess. However, Vaughan was a worthy winner of the MOM award.

5ths Note

Bob Woad gets credit for the clean sheet as he started the game. At half time he came out of nets and scored a hat-trick. Golden performance of all time?

6ths Match Report from Jonathan Day

After doing an impression of Wales, it was suggested writing a match report might be seen as "kicking the team when they were down".

Following my defensive lapses on Saturday, I was worried if I tried that, I'd miss.

Man of the match was a tie between Tseyi (reffing 1st half), Marcus (reffing 2nd), the woodwork, and Danny Mc / oppo strikers for keeping it to 5...



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