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2007-08 Results - January

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Saturday 26th January

Old Parkonians 1 Accies 1sts 3 (Ned Carabine, Dave Jenkin, Dave Coates).

Old Salvatorians 0 (Fabrice Bocquet) Accies 2nds 1.

Accies 3rds 5 (Mike Short 3, Scott Atkinson, Henry Moffett) Wood Green Old Boys 1.

Mill Hill Village 10 Accies 4ths 0.

Accies 5ths 9 (Peter Findlay 3, Andy Williams 2, Sameer Patel, Greg Healy, Dave Swaby, og) Goffs Old Boys 2 - friendly.

Accies 6ths 2 (Jason Ingel, Ryan Harbi) Enfield Old Grammarians 5 - friendly.

Saturday 19th January

All rained off

Saturday 12th January

All rained off

Saturday 5th January

Brent 0 (Aurelio Garcia de Sola) Accies 2nds 2 (Lysander Bryant 2).

Accies 3rds 2 (Max Lovell, Mike Short) Bealonians 4.

Latymer Old Boys 3 Accies 4ths 1 (Alex Nekrasov).

Accies 5ths 2 (Tom Porter, Sameer Patel) Old Minchendenians 1.

Old Ignatians 7 Accies 6ths 1 (Adrian Haysome).

2nds Match Report from Our Correspondent

The first game back from Christmas can often prove to be a tricky match with form thrown onto the log fire along with unfulfilled promises of keeping fit and not revelling in the excesses of alcohol and victuals like a man possessed with the need to consume them both in equal proportion and the equivalent to a large turkey each day. No game more fraught with risk than a trip to bottom-of-the-table and point-less Brent whose pitches are notoriously poor and ill-suited to the Accies free-flowing style of play. An upset beckoned like a Thai whore cooing gently from a Bangkok alleymouth (Sam Prentki beware learn the lessons Lysander failed to).

A lack of creativity was apparent with the absence of Alvarez, the Chilean jock hobbling his way around South America, trying to convince all and sundry that he really is of Latin American-descent and not some pot-bellied Scot escaping a Glaswegian winter. Crotty, the pretend-Liverpudlian pulling out on the morning of the game, and Jennings, preferring muff to the rough of Boston Manor Playing Fields, further compounded the lack of firepower.

Fortunately, Bryant was on form in front of goal getting his fourth and fifth of the season. The first an incisive tap-in, stealing the ball off the toe of a dallying centre-back who was caught foolishly juggling the ball facing his own goal just six yards out after Chapman had forced the keeper into a good save. The second following good approach play from Lohan, Prentki and Parsons resulting in a floated left-foot drive from 25 yards that lobbed the lanky but inert keeper not three yards off his line.

Garcia de Sola pulled off an excellent first half save but otherwise the steadily improving Accies back line, galvanised by the returning Chapman in recent weeks, were largely untroubled by a blunted Brent attack. An excellent, well-deserved second successive clean sheet of the season was the main reason for a straightforward victory.

The second half deteriorated into a bitty affair with the Accies not needing to commit men forward and Brent sadly unable to penetrate a well-organised defence despite some good build-up play. There was one incident of note: a clear penalty when Parsons was hauled down when one-on-one with the keeper but a lack of necessity and energy meant there was not even a shout from the young captain.

The game had many positives apart from the clean sheet and result, as the Accies played well within themselves and still turned in a winning performance and it also saw the return of long-term injuries Jenkins and Morris with a decent run-out for both.

5ths Match Report from Bob Woad

The fifths started 2008 with an excellent 2-1 victory over Old Minchendenians in the LOB Cup at Shenley. 

The first game after the Christmas break was always going to be tricky considering the increased weight and decreased fitness traditional in the fifths at this time of year. But despite a desperate plea from joint captains Chris Carter and Dave Swaby for a mass turnout at the January 2nd training session only three other fifth teamers had presented themselves. As it happened Chris Carter probably wished he hadn't, the embarrassment of his late arrival being compounded by the ignominy of being nutmegged in the practice game by Andy 'the Cat' Williams. 

Fearing pre-match humiliation over this incident Carter had left his horse in a field adjoining Shenley and had determined not to mention his first round elimination from the All England Stop-the-Pig-in-the-Alley competition. As it was he was spared any ribbing, even when he simultaneously clipped both sides of the door frame with his knees as he entered the changing room.

The fifths had played their opponents away in the first League game of the season and had lost 4-2, mainly due to an abysmal first half, which saw them 3-0 down at the interval but keen to emulate their 2-1 second half victory; which they duly did.

It was a close fought game. Kicking into the wind in the first period the fifths found the going very difficult against a good passing team and found themselves pressed back in their own half for much of the first 45 minutes. However, solid work in defence and a combative performance from Chris Carter as holding midfielder restricted Minchendenians to a few speculative long range efforts. The fifths goal was only ever under real threat once when a looping header from a Minchendenian corner hit the post and precipitated a goal mouth scramble. In attack opportunities were limited with the only chance
falling to Jat Chohan at the near post following a Joe Baggaley centre. 

In the second period the 5ths found the going easier and began to press more into Minchendenians half but struggled initially to find a way through their defence. In the end the key moments of the game revolved around the fifths substitutes. First sub Tom Porter broke the deadlock when he was sent clear by a good ball from Cat Williams and fired a well placed shot into the bottom left corner of the net. The Minchendenian threat was being well contained until a mix up between keeper Bobby Butlin and sub Andy Penfold allowed Minchendenians to equalise. Parity was short lived however, as Penfold made up for the mishap by slipping the Minchendenians left winger and playing a pinpoint ball to the feet of third substitute Sammer Patel who turned on a five pence and slotted home the 5ths second.

A degree of time wasting then seemed to become the order of the day with Alan Aaronson in particular scoring points for the slowness of his throwing taking which in some instances was excruciation to watch. The fifths should have had a third when Sammer Patel broke through the defence but was kicked into the air by the Minchendenians keeper as he tried to round him. In the modern footballing era this would have resulted in an automatic red card but the referee was clearly playing the rules of his youth and didn't even book the offender. Fortunately the outcome was not affected and the fifths progressed to the quarter final for the first time since god knows when.

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